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Ribbleton Avenue

Infant School and Nursery

At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn

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School Logo

Ribbleton Avenue

Infant School and Nursery

At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn


Welcome to Reception!


We are having an amazing time at school. The children have settled well and are enjoying exploring our environment and topic.


A small reminder!

The P.E days for this term will be Tuesday and Wednesday each week. Please ensure your child has their pumps in school and comes in their PE kit. Following Lancashire Policy all children must not wear earrings during P.E, please ensure your child is not wearing earrings on these days.


Reading - The children will complete a guided reading sessions each week with a member of staff in school. Home reading books will be changed on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We ask parents to read with their child each night for 5 mins and fill in the reading diary. This alerts staff that the book has been completed and then can be changed.  Phonics cards are changed at the same time as reading books. Please ensure that they are returned and any activities which require recording are completed in the homework book. If you would like some support with helping your child read please fill out the form on the reading letter below.


Homework - Home will be sent on a Friday and must be returned completed by the following Wednesday


Seesaw is a brilliant communication tool that we use in Reception. School announcements, celebrations and homework will be sent via the platform.

Please remember to check your child's Seesaw profile. If you have any issues logging on to Seesaw, please see your class teacher. 

Spring One Learning


Traditional Tales


This half term we are exploring three traditional tales:

The Three Little Pigs

The Magic Porridge Pot

The Runaway Pancake/The Runaway Chapati


Please find more information about the theme in the matrix below. 

Our Traditional Tales Learning Environment

Traditional Tales Theme Matrix

Spring Term 1 - Themed Learning 

This term we will be learning all about Traditional Tales. The children will chose where they would like to steer their learning based on their interest and fascinations. 

We will be looking at the following stories as theme drivers.

The Three Little Pigs

The Magic Porridge Pot

The Runaway Pancake


For more information about this terms Theme please see the matrix below. 

Our class

We are Reception!

Our teachers are Mrs Schofield, Mrs Heyes and Mrs Nagy.

Mrs Seedat, Mrs McDermott, Miss Gillespie, Miss Green, Miss Ekins and Miss Slee,  help us every day.

We have a lovely unit with lots of different equipment. We learn through our play. Outside we also have a secure, canopied play space with a sandpit, house, garden, mud kitchen and decking

Weekend Wonders


Each friday homework will be sent home. We ask for your input in the homework as we love to hear what your child has been learning and doing at home.  We will also include a talking homework discussing key vocabulary for the next weeks learning. This is to be done in the child's first langauge. Please take a few moments to write a comment about your child's achievements.  We can celebrate this during key worker time.


Homework will be given in a homework book each friday. Phonics and maths work will be set consolidating the topics taught in class each week. All homework is be handed in by the following Wednesday.


Our class rules

Our Rules

To keep us safe and happy in the classroom, our rules are:

  • Good looking
  • Good listening
  • Good sitting
  • Good thinking
  • Keep our hands and feet to ourselves
  • Use quiet voices inside
  • Walk when we are inside
  • Put our hands up when we want to speak
  • Look after each other
  • Look after our toys
Here is a document containing a range of activities to support children's development at home.  We hope you find this useful.

We have downloaded a useful mat with shape names on to support your child in learning the names of 2D and 3D shapes at home.


Online games to support learning this half term

Chinese/Lunar New Year

Diwali Celebrations

Our Christmas Celebrations

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