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At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn

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Ribbleton Avenue

Infant School and Nursery

At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn

Pirate Themed Week

Shiver my timbers its a brand new week of learning and what a fun week of learning it is going to be. This week our theme across Facebook is going to be “Pirates”. Keep an eye on on our Facebook page and website for our fun, themed and exciting learning activities. 



Literacy- Research what types of jobs would be undertaken on a pirate ship. Using the template below, write application for a job on our Ribbleton Avenue Pirate Boat. I have also attached a Pirate word mat to help you with some of our tricky topic vocabulary. 

What job will you apply for?

What qualities do you have that would be great for the job you chose?

Why would you like the job you have chosen? 

Maths- Can you solve the missing number challenge? 



Science- Investigate, what makes a good pirate ship? 

Think about the material you are using. Why has that piece of material work/not worked? 

What could you change? 

Can you blow your boat with a straw? 

Is your boat stable? Why/why not? 

What happens if you blow harder/softer with your straw? Does it effect how your boat floats on the water? 

What scientific vocabulary can you use when discussing your investigation? 


I have attached an investigation help sheet below. It will help you gather your materials and equipment you will need to carry out your investigation. 


History- Research Christopher Columbous.

Using: http:// 

Can you create a timetine of events? Use the template below to help you set out your findings. 



Maths/ Geography- Make your own treasure map. 

How to design a Treasure Map

To design a pirate-themed treasure map, draw specific features that represent pirates, this could include a parrot, skull and crossbones and an eyepatch. 

These features will represent different points within the treasure map, for example, a starting and finishing point. 

To create the pathway, simple draw dashes around the map to guide your explorer. 

X marks the spot where the treasure is buried so don't forget to add this onto the treasure map! 

Clink on the link below for some suggested treasure map activities.


DT- Make your own Pirate hat. Follow the instructions using the link below, design and make your own Pirate hat.


What desgin will you include on your hat?

Why not create a design criteria for your hat. 

Its suggests to use newspaper. Could you make your hat using a different material? 

Why not evaluate your hat using your design criteria. 


Literacy- Practice writing some simple Pirate themed sentences. Use the link below as guidence for your sentences. On there you find vocabulary boxes to help you with some tricky words as well as reminders to include things such as capital letters and full stops. 



Nearly through the week crew! Here are today’s Facebook Pirate themed activities. 

Art- Have a go at drawing a Pirate. I have attached a "How to" guide below. Remember when we sketch we us little small pencil strokes to build up our drawing. Try not to press on to hard with your pencil. 

Literacy- Imagine a nasty old Pirate has escaped. He is WANTED due to his crimes. The Police have asked you to help them in their hunt to track the Pirate down. Have a go at writing a descriptive piece to describe what the wanted Pirate looks like (appearance) and his what he is like as Pirate (personality).  


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