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Ribbleton Avenue

Infant School and Nursery

At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn

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School Logo

Ribbleton Avenue

Infant School and Nursery

At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn


Applying for a school place

Admissions Procedure

Ribbleton Avenue Infant School follows the Local Authority Admissions Procedure. To find out about admissions arrangements or to apply for a school place click here.


Admissions Criteria

When a school is oversubscribed on parental preference, the following priorities apply in order:

1. Looked After Children and those who have been Previously Looked After.

2. Children for whom the Local Authority accepts that there are exceptional medical, social or welfare reasons which are directly relevant to the school concerned

3. Children with older brothers and sisters attending the school where the younger child will start

4. Remaining places ae alocated according to where a child lives. Those living nearest to the preferred school by a straight line (radial) measure will have priority.


Each year group has an admission number of 70 pupils. Please contact us to arrange a visit if you are interested in your child joining our school.


Nursery:   If you would like a Nursery place the application form is available from the school office.  Places are allocated during the Summer Term and parents will be contacted by letter.  Places are often available for children who turn 3yrs old in or before January or before April.  Please make contact with Mrs Falconer in the school office for further information.


Reception:  Places are allocated through the Local Authority.  Should you be unsuccessful in your request for a place for a September start date with us at Ribbleton Avenue Infant School, please contact Lancashire County Council with regards to the appeal process. School does not manage Reception admissions until after December. All Reception admissions in the Autumn term are mangaged through the Local Authority Admissions Team.


Year 1 and Year 2:  Along with the local schools in the area we run a policy of no pupil movement during term time unless pupils have moved into the area and can no longer feasibly attend their previous school.  Please contact the school directly to enquire if a place is available.  Should there be no availability in your desired year group, names will be placed on a waiting list which is managed within school.  When a space becomes available, the school office team will make contact to offer the place to children on the waiting list.


We look forward to meeting you!

Please click on the link below to watch a short video on applying for a Reception place.  Please be aware that you must apply online on the Lancashire County Council's website.  If your child is already in our Nursery or have a sibling in our school, this DOES NOT give you an automatic place in our Reception class.

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