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Ribbleton Avenue

Infant School and Nursery

At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn

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School Logo

Ribbleton Avenue

Infant School and Nursery

At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn


Welcome to the Nightingales!


 Our teacher is Mrs Lingard and our teaching assistants are Mrs Harrison and Miss Slee. 


We are a Year 1 class.



In our English work in Summer 2 we will be:

  • reading a story from another culture, sequencing the story and re-telling it using the patterned language. We will then change the characters and events to write our own version of the story.
  • identifying the features of a poster and making our own posters.
  • identifying the features of explanation books and writing our own explanation books.

In addition to daily English lessons, the children will also take part in daily phonics lessons and group reading activities.

We also have handwriting lessons every week where we are learning to form our letters correctly. 



In order to help us become really good readers, we like to read to our grown ups at home as much as possible. We change our reading books on a Monday, Wednesday and a Friday. Please make sure that reading records are filled in and signed when books have been read so that the teachers know that they need changing.

Please hand the book in, in a morning so that it can be changed.

In class we have a book corner.



In our Maths lessons the Year 1 children will be learning to:

  • count, read and write numbers to 100 in numerals.
  • count in multiples of twos, fives and tens.
  • read and write numbers from 1 to 20 in numerals and words.
  • tell the time to half past the hour.
  • recognise, find and name a quarter of an object, a shape and a quantity.
  • describe position, direction and movement including turns.



PE will be on a Monday and a Thursday.  We will be learning dance with the coach in PE and practicing our athletics skills ready for sports day! routines and underarm throwing.



In our science lessons we will be learning about the human body. We will learn about our five senses and use them to explore. We will name the main parts of the human body and learn to record data about our key features e.g. eye colour using tally charts and bar charts.



In our weekly computing lessons we will use Purplemash to learn how to read and make spreadsheets. We will also learn about technology in the wider world. The Reception children will develop their skills in logging in to Purplemash to play games and make pictures.


Themed learning

Our Summer 2 theme is 'Travel and Transport'. You can view our themed learning overview by following the link below, this will tell you all about the exciting things we are going to learn.

Contact Mrs Lingard

Phonics is extremely important for early reading and writing.  Please see below for activities.

Some of our recent writing! We are so proud of our lovely work.

King's Coronation Celebration Day!

Our Textiles

Our art work in the style of Van Gogh - A Starry Preston!

Christmas Jumper Day 2022!

Poppy Day

Diwali Day!

Queen Elizabeth

Making Gingerbread Characters

We had a lovely day celebrating Eid!

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