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Ribbleton Avenue

Infant School and Nursery

At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn

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School Logo

Ribbleton Avenue

Infant School and Nursery

At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn

Coronavirus updates

If you need any advice around COVID, or you want to report a confirmed case during half term, you can do this by either:


Phoning the School Health Support Team on 01772 531555




you can email them at

If a member of your household shows any symptoms of COVID and /or is recommended to be tested the WHOLE household must self-isolate until the test results return.


Self  isolation means no one it to leave the house for any reason other than to be tested.


It is very important that you let school know straight away if anyone is showing symptoms or going for a test.  It is also important that you ring the school office on 01772 796037 as soon as you have your test results, regardless of the result.


Thank you for our support with this. 


Please check the poster to see how the Government's new restriction affects Lancashire.

September Opening. Letter from CC P. Williamson

Dear Parents,

County Counsellor P. Williamson has sent the following letter to schools about opening in September.  The letter can be found at:

Support over the summer holidays

Our Family Support Worker, Miss Fitzpatrick will be available every Wednesday between 22nd July -19th August.

If you need any advice, guidance or support you will be able to contact her on 07887831082 between 9am-3pm.

You can also send a private message to our Facebook page or a message on WhatsApp if you do not have any credit.

September 2020 

School Opening to ALL children


Wednesday 2nd September: Year 1 and Year 2

Monday 7th September: Reception children start

Monday 14th September: Nursery children start


Please read the letter attached outlining start and finish times and safety arrangements.

Important Notice

School to re-open on Monday 22nd June 2020

Who can come?

  • Reception children
  • Nursery children (if both parents work)
  • Nursery children (if you are a single working parent)
  • Keyworker children

You MUST NOT send your child if it hasnt been arranged with the school.

Please read the letter attached to this post.


The Local Authority have advised schools not to re-open as previously planned. 

Following this advice, Ribbleton Avenue Infant School will remain closed until further notice is given.

Keyworker and Vulnerable Children provision will continue to run from the Junior site. Proof of Keyworker status is required.

The Local Authority issued the following advice:


"Lancashire County Council is advising schools in the county not to open to more pupils from 1 June, but instead to continue with the current arrangements. This is because, in our assessment, we do not currently meet all five of the government's tests in Lancashire which would allow this decision to be taken safely.


We will regularly review the situation and provide further advice so that we can advise schools to open to more pupils as soon as we judge it safe to do so.

We are actively encouraging schools to follow this advice."

The full notification is attached to this posting.

Please click on the link at the top of this message to access it.


Please read the Letter to Parents outlining the proposed re-opening of school. 

Please look at the playground plan below to familiarise yourself with the drop off and collection zones.

(Click on the attached documents above)


Playground Plan.

Start time: 9.00am         Finish time: 3.00pm

Learning Bubble 1 go to Zone A

Learning Bubble 2 go to Zone B

Learning Bubble 3 go to Zone C

Learning Bubble 4 go to Zone D


Start time: 9.15am         Finish time: 3.15pm

Learning Bubble 5 go to Zone A

Learning Bubble 6 go to Zone B

Learning Bubble 7 go to Zone C

Learning Bubble 8 go to Zone D

(Click on the attachment above to see the plan)

We hope that you are managing to keep safe and well during the school closure period.


Please take a moment to read my letter.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

From Mrs Dring.

Edenred Meal Voucher Scheme

Edenred meal vouchers can only be used for families who are eligible and in receipt of benefits.

Please call 01772 531809 to check if you are eligible.


Please click on the attachment for parent guidance on how to redeem vouchers.

School need your email address to register you with Edenred.

Once registered, if you have problems please email:

Pupil Premium School Meal Vouchers

Edenred Meal Voucher Scheme

If you are in receipt of benefits and have registered for Pupil Premium Free School Meals, your child's name should be on our list. If you are unsure please call 01772 531809 to check eligibility.

For children who are on this list, school have registered your child with Edenred to receive ecode vouchers via your email address. Please ensure we have an up to date email address.

Due to high volumes of applications, Edenred are experiencing a processing back log. It may take a few days for your codes to come through. Please check your emails each day, including your junk mail.

Each child is entitled to a £15 voucher each week. It is the parents responsibility to redeem their voucher codes.

You can choose which supermarket you wish to use your vouchers in. The nearest stores to school are Morrisons and Sainsburys.

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