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Ribbleton Avenue

Infant School and Nursery

At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn

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School Logo

Ribbleton Avenue

Infant School and Nursery

At Ribbleton Avenue Infant School we offer every child a happy and caring place to play and learn




We are a mixed class of 30 Year 1 and Year 2 children. Our class teacher is Miss O'Hara and we are supported by Mrs Patel.


Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday. Can we please make sure children have a full PE kit in school which is named. If your child wears earrings, can you make sure these are taken out on these days.


Homework will be given out every Friday and will include activities linked to previous and current learning. Homework should be completed by the child in their yellow homework book and brought back into school before the following Wednesday.


Spellings will also be sent home each Friday for the children to learn and they will be tested the following Friday. Please help your child learn them so we can get them all right. This will be for the children in Year 2.


Reading books will be changed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Please read with your child and sign their diary so we know when to change books. During reading, ask your children questions to help with their understanding.


We have a special reading scheme to encourage reading and we receive prizes for reading certain numbers of books. We really enjoy this!  If you have any concerns please call in to see our teachers.



Phonics is very important as it supports your child with their reading and writing. Each day the children will have a phonics lesson where the children will learn to use segmenting and blending skills to read and write words.

In June, every child in Year 1 will sit the 'Year 1 Phonics Screening'. This will test your child's ability to use their phonics to read real and nonsense words.

Please try and support your child at home with their phonics. Below you will find a link to free games the children can play to help them with their phonics.


Please ensure that you listen to your child read, daily if possible, to help them to progress. We will change your child's book on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. If we feel your child is ready, we will move them on to a more difficult level. It is very important that you also do other activities with their reading book, for example:

* Ask questions about the pictures

* Talk about what has happened

* Discuss the character names and how they felt

* Predict what will happen next or how the story might end

* Find your favourite part of the story

* Retell the story with or without the pictures


Remember to write in your child's reading diary so that we know about all the hard work that is going on at home!

This is what we do in school and it would be brilliant if this could be continued at home!

Thank you.

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Important Dates

Dates for your diary


Wednesday 14th December - Christmas Dinner

Thursday 15th December - Party Day

Friday 16th December - School closes for half term at 3:15


Tuesday 3rd January - School reopens at 8:55

Friday 13th January - Yogi Day (more information to follow)

Friday 20th January - Chinese New Year Day

Friday 10th February - School Closes for half term


What have the Wrens been up to?


Photos will be added throughout the year so please keep checking!



Autumn 1 Dance

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We have really enjoyed our coaching sessions and we hope you like our dance.

Christmas Party

Geography Walk of Our Local Area

Marble Treat

Our Learning

Spring 1



For the first part of half term our focus text will be 'Wind In The Willows' for adventure stories. In this unit we will be using adjectives and conjunctions within our writing. Retelling the story before adapting it to create our own version. We will then move onto learning about letters and their features and writing our own.



In Maths, we will continue with place value and learning numbers up to 100. We will use our knowledge and apply with addition and subtraction work to develop our reasoning skills. In place value we will develop our counting. Year 2 will look at rounding numbers and estimating numbers on a number line. Finally we will all be learning about volume/capacity and extend our shape understanding for 2D and 3D shapes.



In PE, we are focusing on rolling a ball and underarm throw and applying these in team games. We will also be doing some gymnastics and looking at different ways to travel and creating sequences using equipment such as benches.



In Science this half term, we will be focusing on materials. We will think about what objects are made from, identify and name a variety of everyday materials, describe properties of some everyday materials and look at comparing and grouping them. Finally we will test a range of materials to help us build a house for 'The Three Little Pigs'.



Our theme this half term is ‘Toys’. In History we will be learning about toys from the past and how they have changed overtime, we will link this with our science knowledge and look at what they are made from, how old toys have been adapted and are still popular today before making comparisons and thinking about what toys would be like if those changes hadn't been made. We will then move onto DT where we will explore an existing toy cars, discuss what we like about them before designing and make our own using a criteria. We will test these out and complete our own evaluations using our findings.



We are learning about Hinduism and thinking about how people express their devotion to God. We will learn more about the deities. We will be learning about special events and how we can make someone close to us feel special. 



In Computing, we will continue with Purplemash and learning all about 'Maze Explorers'. We will be looking at direction and using these to complete challenges. We will be create and debugging algorithms, how to change them and create longer ones before completing the challenges we have created in class.


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